Rory Williams Doyle

Hello! My name is Rory Williams Doyle. I am a fourth year student at Dublin City University. I am studying Computational Problem Solving & Software Development, an exclusive computer science degree. I have created this website to aid you in getting to know me and my technical skill set better. Once you have taken a look at my site, I hope the value that I can bring to your business will be self evident.

About Me


I am a twenty one years old, I have a passion for technology, acting, poetry and a good debate! I am a self-taught Python programmer and have been coding with Python since I was about fourteen. I have over one years industry experience and am ready to work hard for you.

Key Skills

Interests & Hobbies


Work Experience

Purpledecks (Aug 2018 - Dec 2018)

Worked at Purpledecks ltd. as a software engineer. My work involved using JavaScript and related technologies, such as React, Redux, NodeJS & Jest to deliver professional looking front-end software solutions to clients.


UniShop (Sep 2017 - Apr 2018)

For my second year project, I worked with a team to create an online e-commerce platform we called UniShop. My role on this project was as a backend developer. I created the database schema which we used to store our website data. I was the sole person responsible for the development of our REST API. I used NodeJS for the development of the API and I used the Mocha testing framework for unit testing. I was also responsible for the smooth running of our project on a AWS server. We utilised agile development for our work. Our sprints lasted 3 weeks and were intense, but I have loved every moment working on this project.

offTheChain (Jan 2017 - May 2017)

As part of the first year of my degree programme, I and a team of four had to design, create and deliver a software product of our own choosing using agile development. Our team decided to create an online e-voting system that utilised blockchain technology to verify each vote in a public and de-centralized fashion. The project used JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Redux and MongoDB as well as other supporting technologies. The project was a success, achieving our specified target by the end date provided by our lecturers. I learned JavaScript and a lot about web design from this project. This has since inspired me to take on designing this website.

Volunteer Work

CoderDojo (Nov 2016 - Present)

My work at CoderDojo involves teaching kids, from between the ages 6 to 16, how to write software. When starting out, my role involved teaching kids the basics of Scratch, the drag and drop programming language. Then, for some of the more advanced students, I branched out and taught them the basics of Python, which is my programming language of choice. I do this using a project based curriculum that I created. This curriculum teaches the basics of language syntax, logic, and design through the creation of different games. These games are then presented at show and tell at the end of each session. This gives the kids a clear goal which they enjoy working towards.

Thank You!

I hope you have learned a lot from this website, and I can't wait to hear what you think. If you have any enquires, critiques or wish to get in touch, please use the form below. And if all this content wasn't enough for you, feel free to browse my GitHub & LinkedIn, links are in the footer below.

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